Intermediate vocabulary expansion pack


Our Intermediate Vocabulary Expansion Pack contains 270 words that all middle school students should know before moving onto senior school!

Each pack aims to consolidate the student’s knowledge of command words as well as to expand the range of the student’s existing vocabulary. Every list of 10 words contains a word search, a simple matching definition exercise as well as an application-in-context activity so that the words are modelled in appropriate contexts. Perfect for students who need a little support in their vocabulary! (Answer keys included with each pack)

All packs are digital products and you will receive a pdf upon payment

Pack 1: Vocab lists 1.0 to 2.0
$12.00 AUD

Pack 2: Vocab lists 2.1 to 3.0
$12.00 AUD

COMPLETE BUNDLE + BONUS: all 27 lists (1.0-3.7)
$20.00 AUD

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