VCE comparative essay prompts: The Hate Race vs. Charlie’s Country

Looking for practice comparative essay prompts for Maxine Beneba Clarke’s The Hate Race and Rolf De Heer’s Charlie’s Country? Here are some practice prompts to help you prepare for the text response essay!

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Community / Culture / Strength / Identity

  • Compare how The Hate Race and Charlie’s Country examine the experience of belonging to multiple cultures. 
  • Compare the extent to which the two texts show characters’ resilience. 
  • Identity is defined by social context. Compare how the two texts explore this idea. 

Oppression / Discrimination / Prejudice / Racism

  • Compare Maxine’s and Charlie’s experiences of repression. 
  • Compare how the two texts critique racial discrimination. 
  • Australia is not a truly multicultural nation. Compare how the text examine this notion. 
  • ‘my mother did everything she could to integrate us into our surroundings.’ (The Hate Race)
    ‘Whitefellas locked me up…for being Aboriginal. I might have to live whitefellas ways now.’ (Charlie’s Country)
    Compare how the two texts portray the idea of fitting in. 

Survival / Transformation

  • Compare the challenges Maxine and Charlie face in navigating their environments. 
  • Compare the text to which the main characters’ journeys alter them.

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